Gypsum Boards

Gypsum board is an interior wall covering made of layers of gypsum and paper. Gypsum is a white mineral made of hydrous calcium sulphate....

Ceiling Suspension System

Gypsum is a mineral consisting primarily of fully hydrated calcium sulfate. Like most minerals and rocks, gypsum is strongest in compression....

Raised Floors

HDG ANTI STATIC RAISED FLOOR is used for computer machine room, programme control machineroom, reflection control center of secondary planet and airship,...

Acoustical Ceilings and Panels

Acoustical Ceilings and Panels ...

Alluminium Perforated Ceilings

Alluminium Perforated Ceilings ...


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Gyptech Systems is a performance-focused provider of drywall solutions for quality internal fit- out projects in and around Chennai for the last 2 decades. Significantly expaneded our base and business scope; now offering a wide selection of products available for Construction industry.

Our staff and management team have a sound understanding of design, construction performance, cost control, sustainability and innovation. We have continually raised the bar in the provision of a complete drywall service, and pride ourselves on having consistent repeat- order business as well as meeting the needs of new customers.