Acoustics: Creating pleasing environments in offices and homes

Acoustics: Creating pleasing environments in offices and homes

Acoustics: Creating pleasing environments in offices and homes

The other day I was attending a function in a hall. It was a grand community function; beautifully decorated and well organized with a balanced itinerary of community, social, spiritual and cultural activities. It was supposed to be an enjoyable day. But what played the spoil sport was the sound – no not the microphone or sound system. It was the echoing sound in the hall. Whatever was spoken was not audible. Lacking clarity of words that reach your ears turned a well organized, much anticipated day into a day of uneasiness and irritation.

This is a common problem with most of the halls and public places – echoing sound within the hall or auditorium, food courts or other places where large number of people gather. This is because of refraction, diffraction or reflection of sound on the various surfaces in the surroundings like walls, ceilings and floors. Can this be controlled or avoided?

YES! Now with the help of new age acoustic technology and tools, it is possible to contain the effects of sound on the surfaces and create spaces that allow you to experience and enjoy every moment to the fullest – whether it is a friendly social gathering, musical evening, theatre, cinema, eateries,  retail outlets, commercial buildings, manufacturing units, radio or television stations, clubs, homes, recording studios, auditoriums or entertainment venues, prayer halls, conference halls, boardrooms or whichever place where one wishes to manage and control the sound levels.

What is Acoustics?

Acoustics is defined as the science that deals with the production, reception, transmission, control and effects of sound of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including topics such as vibration, sound, ultrasound and infrasound. Acoustics is a room property or quality that determines how sound is transmitted in it.

Application of acoustics in technology is called acoustical engineering.

Architectural acoustics is about achieving good speech intelligibility, enhancing the quality of sound in or suppressing noise, making offices more productive and pleasant place to work and pleasing homes to live in.

Acoustic solutions are available in a wide technical specifications and price range. Therefore, it is better to consult professional companies who can advise you about the right products for your requirements within your economical constraints and budgets.

Gyptech Systems Pvt. Ltd. has developed acoustical products that match the international standards and are great value for your money when it comes to managing sound levels.

We provide acoustical products for Ceilings, Dry Walls & Paneling.

List of Gyptech Acoustical Panels

Akostika              : Acoustic fibre glass ceiling panels.

Groowood          : MDF/HDF grooved acoustical panels.

Phonetic             : Fabric faced glass fibre / rockwool acoustical panels.

Echona               :  Perforated MDF/HDF glass fibre acoustical panels.


Perforated Acoustical panels with different types of perforations

(Panels with Arroyo, Olmac, Quadra, Galaxy and Matrix perforations.)

Advantages of Acoustic Panels

Different products have different advantages based on where they are used.

  1. Reduce noise levels from surrounding areas
  2. Absorb the sound
  3. Reduce sound echoes
  4. Improve the quality of sound
  5. Controls reverberation
  6. Effective, durable and capable of providing long term performance.
  7. Add to the aesthetics of the space
  8. Create sound proof environments
  9. Can be installed without making too many changes to your existing walls and ceilings
  10. You can choose a material depending upon the environment you want to create.
  11. You can choose products matching the design and colors of your interiors.
  12. Great variety of acoustic panels available to suit all types of environments.

Gyptech is a name you can rely and trust in the field of acoustics.

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