Benefits of Acoustics

Benefits of Acoustics

Benefits of Acoustics

Proper acoustic applications can make the difference!

Sounds can be very disturbing at times – both internal and external – whether at home, hotel rooms, educational institutes, parties or theatres. Internal sounds include music, TV, voices etc. and external sounds may be anything from traffic to honking vehicles to shouting or anything you name it. They may disturb your sleep at home, spoil a long-anticipated lecture or turn a well planned and organised programme into an irritable experience with echoing sounds.

Similarly, noisy neighbours can be a source of stress and annoyance. Exposure of pregnant mothers to excessive noise has been shown as cause for high rates of birth defects. Excessive noise levels have negative effects on cardiovascular health.

What can we do about it? 

These are everyday problems and we need to address them through sensible solutions. Proper acoustic applications can make the difference! Acoustic applications offer undeniable benefits in addressing issues related to sounds of noise and voice.

These benefits may vary based on the location, type of industry/business, or purpose. That explains why acoustic applications are considered as part of architectural design.

  • acoustic applications can go a long way in addressing unwanted ambient noise.
  • hard floors and ceilings which readily reflect sounds, drastically increase noise levels.
  • just replacing the ceiling tiles could easily offer sound sleep.
  • proper architectural design through room walls or flanking paths with acoustic products help to reduce noise transmission.
  • In rooms with poor acoustic applications, reverberation off the walls amplify even the slightest whis
  • pers, increases the floor noise and takes away from the main goals of institutions.
  • By installing acoustic absorbers and improving reverberation time, speech intelligibility can be increased dramatically
  • Quality of sound can be enhanced significantly by simply taking acoustics into account.

A number of acoustic products are available in the market. Selecting and installing the right product calls for expertise and sound knowledge of acoustics. This is where Gyptech Systems Pvt Ltd comes in handy to help you with proper advice, guidance and implementation.


Acoustic implications have significant effects on our health and well-being. Modifying behaviours cannot completely resolve these problems. Therefore, architectural designing calls for acoustic considerations to serve an important role in increasing not just the productivity but also quality of our life.

A series of innovative Gyptech acoustical products aim at resolving the problems of voice, noise, sounds and echoes.

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