5 tips to prevent noise nuisance in the office

5 tips to prevent noise nuisance in the office

A colleague calling too loudly or entire meetings taking place near your desk? Research has shown that 70% of employees suffer from noise nuisance in the office. One reason for this is the application of furnishing concepts other than the traditional cubicle office, where nowadays increasingly large groups of people are placed together in the office. In this article you will read effective tips to limit noise pollution, which are not at the expense of a stylish office design.


Desk walls

Noise nuisance in the office can first of all be reduced by installing desk walls. Desk walls have an absorbing effect, especially in the speech range of 500-2500Hz. You also experience more peace of mind because you are also visually shielded from colleagues. This way you can work quietly without being distracted during your work. In addition, desk walls always fit within the style of the company, because desk walls are available in many different prints and fabric options.

Wall panels

Another solution for noise pollution in the office are wall panels. Not only do they limit noise pollution, but they also enhance the interior of your office. The reason wall panels reduce noise is because of the mass and absorbency they have. Wall panels are placed on the wall with spacers, creating an air cavity that provides extra cushioning.

System ceilings

In addition to desk walls and wall panels, the ceiling in your office can also influence the sound. With an acoustic system ceiling you limit the noise nuisance in the office and you also contribute to a modern and sleek office design.

Design objects

Design objects are an extra addition to your office design. Design objects are often not the best solution for nuisance in terms of surface area and function, but they are very suitable as an addition to the acoustic plan. Moreover, you create a certain atmosphere and style with design objects. The atmosphere in a working environment must of course also be good, so that the employees can work pleasantly.


The primary function of cabinets is of course storage space, but they also have an acoustic function. The cabinet ensures a damping and reduction of the reverberation. In addition, cabinets also serve to separate rooms. Due to the reduction in noise pollution in combination with the separation of spaces, the employees’ ability to concentrate is promoted.

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