6 interior tips with which you can limit noise pollution in the office

6 interior tips with which you can limit noise pollution in the office

A quiet environment is essential for a good and efficient working attitude. Unfortunately, in large or noisy offices, it often happens that both employees and business relationships are disrupted by noise pollution. Does this also apply to your office? Then you can improve the acoustic comfort of your workspace using the 6 tips below.


Tip 1: Place wall panels

Wall panels can not only contribute to improving the acoustics in the office, but can also be used as an eye-catcher in the room. By having wall panels or ceiling panels printed with, for example, your company logo or another image that matches your house style, you strengthen the company image and reduce noise nuisance in the office. Another advantage of acoustic wall and ceiling panels is that they take up little space.

Tip 2: Use desk walls

An ‘open’ office makes it easy for employees to exchange knowledge and information. Unfortunately, an open space also has a disadvantage: it can have a negative effect on privacy and tranquility in the office. A solution for creating this privacy and tranquility is to use desk walls. Acoustic desk walls absorb sound, can be attached quickly and are available in different designs. The desk walls can therefore easily be adapted to the (desired) interior of the office.

Tip 3: Choose plants

Plants not only improve air quality by neutralizing harmful dust particles from electronic equipment, for example, but also improve the acoustics of the room. This is because plants absorb sound waves. In addition, choosing plants also has a number of other advantages: they contribute to a better atmosphere, higher productivity and a modern interior!

Tip 4: Think about system ceilings

Does your office ceiling need to be replaced? Then think about system ceilings. System ceilings are available in various attractive styles and are also very functional. The ceilings absorb sounds, making the room less noisy. Ideal for wake-up rooms where there is a lot of telephone calls or consultations.

Tip 5: Make use of cabinets

When furnishing an office, it is important to take storage space into account. Did you know that there are cabinets that are both space-saving and sound-absorbing? You can use the cabinets as storage or as a space-dividing object. How exactly do acoustic cabinets work? Thanks to the smart choice of materials, the cabinets absorb sounds and reduce reverberation! This helps improve the acoustic comfort of your workspace.

Tip 6: Move the disturbing sound sources

Our last tip for limiting noise pollution in the office is to relocate the disturbing noise sources. When furnishing an office, it may happen that the nuisance caused by, for example, scanners or printers is not taken into account. Still, it is a better option to place these devices in an enclosed space. Note: this room must be well ventilated.

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