Acoustic wall panels in the office

Acoustic wall panels in the office

Office wall panels

Do you recognize it? You are sitting in the office trying to work on an assignment that has to be finished tomorrow. For this you have to concentrate for an hour. Doesn’t seem like a problem, right? Unfortunately, your concentration is constantly disturbed by noise and reverberation from other employees. That is very annoying. But there is good news. This problem can be solved very easily with the help of office wall panels. This creates good acoustics, so that the productivity and job satisfaction of employees skyrocket again. Curious about what office wall panels can do for you? You can read it in this blog.

What is the function of office wall panels?

The main function of wall panels is to improve the acoustics. The panels are sound-absorbing. So when there is nuisance in the office due to reverberant rooms or loudly talking employees, these acoustic wall panels in the office are an excellent solution. In addition to improving the acoustics, the wall panels also give the office a modern look through a better design and therefore a more pleasant working environment.

Good places for office wall panels

To get the best results with the wall panels in the office, a good location is necessary. An open office space often causes reverberation of sounds, especially if it is a large room. A wall panel in an open office is then one of the best options to counteract this. These panels are also indispensable in meeting and conference rooms. Furthermore, the wall panels in the office can be placed in the canteen or lobby, for example. Would you rather have them in a different location than mentioned above? No problem either. Wall panels fit in almost any room.

Office wall panels to your own design

No office is the same, so why should wall panels be the same? That is why we have a wide range of wall panels. The panels can be customized, from poster size to the full width or height of walls. You can also determine the colors of the panels yourself, so that they completely match your office. Prefer a solid color? Then choose panels with a print. We have our own photo database with all kinds of prints. Is there nothing for you? Then there is also the possibility to provide your own photo that will be used for your panels. In short, the choice is huge and there is something for every office.

The advantages of acoustic wall panels for the office summarized

Wall panels bring a number of advantages. Employees spend most of their time in the office and these panels allow them to work more comfortably. Because wall panels provide better acoustics. Less noise nuisance results in a more pleasant working atmosphere and higher labor productivity. Ultimately, the panels will therefore pay for themselves. Wall panels also give the office a more modern and luxurious look, which also contributes to the comfort of the employees. In fact, office wall panels should not be missing.

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