Create a meeting room with an acoustic partition wall

Create a meeting room with an acoustic partition wall

As your business grows, it can feel like your office space no longer meets your needs. The room is still large enough, but you have more frequent appointments with people or the meetings are at your office. And then it is annoying that you do not have a closed room where the meeting can take place. A renovation or even a move seems inevitable. But that may not be necessary at all. With an acoustic partition wall, you can easily create a separate room and prevent a renovation or move. How does it work and what options are there?


Acoustics not endangered with partition wall

The furnishing of offices is often open. After all, it works well if you can consult with each other and the structures are more informal. Moreover, many offices no longer have fixed workplaces and a flexible workplace is no longer an exception. This does mean that you have to take a good look at the acoustics of your furniture. The design should not endanger the pleasant working environment for your employees. Research and practice have shown that 70% of employees experience background noise as very disturbing. The acoustics are then not good. The cause is always the use of too many hard materials. The moment you want to create a meeting room in the existing office space by means of a partition wall, this is an important point of attention. The Office Decorator has various options for applying acoustic partition walls with which you can even improve the acoustics.

Meeting room for more people

A meeting room consists in any case of a conference table with chairs. The table is made of a hard material, you cannot escape that. With the chairs you can choose seats with fabric upholstery so that they contribute to the improvement of the acoustics. There are also special partition walls that improve the acoustics. These walls are made of fabric and absorb sound. There are even walls that you can move. This can be in the form of panels. The partition is therefore flexible and can be placed where necessary. These partitions are available in many shapes and colours.

But you can also opt for a partition wall in the form of a module on foot plates, where you determine the width and height yourself with various shapes and colors of blocks. This way you can design the entire appearance yourself, for example taking your house style colors into account.

Seat for 2 with privacy

Not only is it nice to have privacy when you have a meeting with more people. It also often happens that two people need to discuss a number of things. Many offices are designed as an open-plan office. A meeting between 2 or 3 people can be restless for the others who work in the same office space. But there is no longer a separate office available. Such a short consultation can very well take place in a so-called conference seat for 2 people. Such a seat built into an acoustic partition wall is a perfect solution!

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