Improve the acoustics in the office

Improve the acoustics in the office

You may recognize it. You work in a large office space. Not surprising in itself, because the new way of working often takes place in a large space with flexible workplaces. A disadvantage of these large spaces is that there can be noise nuisance. While it is more efficient to work in a less noisy office. Fortunately, the arrangement can significantly improve the acoustics of the workspace. The following steps will help reduce noise pollution and improve acoustics.


Step 1: Desk walls

The open and large space encourages the exchange of knowledge and information between employees. That’s nice. But one large space can have a negative effect on privacy and tranquility. The noise of all employees goes into the room and that causes a lot of unrest. You can create this peace and privacy by placing desk walls in the office. The acoustic desk walls absorb sound, can be quickly attached and are available in different designs. This makes it easy to create the (desired) atmosphere and improve the acoustics of the office.

Step 2: Wall and Ceiling Panels

Wall panels are sound-absorbing panels that are mounted on the wall with spacers. Because there is space between the wall and the panel, an air cavity is created that provides extra damping. The wall panels not only contribute to improving the acoustics. These panels can also be printed, for example with your logo or images that you use in a brochure or on the website. This enhances the company image and reduces noise nuisance in the office. A pleasant side effect is that acoustic wall and ceiling panels take up little space.

Step 3: Cabinets

An important part of keeping an office space organized is that there is sufficient storage space. When choosing acoustic cabinets, it is possible to look at improving the acoustics. By installing special cabinets that are both space-saving and sound-absorbing. In addition to storage space, the cabinets also create a separation in spaces. The cabinets create privacy, absorb sounds and reduce reverberation.

Step 4: System ceilings

When building or renovating offices, the type of ceiling that will be installed can be taken into account. Special suspended ceilings absorb sounds, making the room less noisy. They are available in various attractive styles and are also very functional.

Step 5: The decoration

Plants bring fresh air into the office space. Plants improve air quality. By bringing nature indoors, the plants contribute to a better atmosphere, higher productivity and a modern interior. And besides, plants absorb sound waves so they also benefit the acoustics!

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