Office acoustics: everything you want to hear. Or not

Office acoustics: everything you want to hear. Or not

Is it that ever-complaining colleague? The worthless radiator or the uncomfortable desk chair? No, it is not. Sound turns out to be by far the biggest nuisance in the office. Poor office acoustics reduce the comfort, health and productivity of employees. So important to adapt. How? We tell you all about it in this blog article.


3 reasons why office acoustics must be good

Before we tell you what to do for good acoustics in your office space, it is important to know what acoustics actually do to people. There are a number of reasons why you should take a close look at the acoustics in your office:

  1. Less stress and absenteeism No matter

what research you look at, they all come down to the same thing: good office acoustics reduce stress and absenteeism. Noise pollution can literally make you sick. People suffer from complaints such as stress, headaches and fatigue. And if your colleagues are very fond of Skyradio, even hearing damage.

  1. Concentration, concentration, concentration

Sound is a distraction. And not just a little bit. With a vibrating refrigerator it is very difficult to concentrate on an advisory report. And ringing phone calls in the background won’t help you get that pile of quotes out the door on time. In a good acoustic room, it is much easier to focus. And so, to do better work.

  1. Better acoustics = more peace of mind

Noise nuisance simply causes unrest. The people who are in it must always, unconsciously, filter out the disturbing reverberation and disturbing sounds in the brain. This is exhausting in the long run.

Less noise with a better layout

Do you want to know whether the acoustics in your office are good? Or do you want to improve the acoustics in your office? Then you are at the right place at the Office Furnisher. We help you to organize your office as well as possible, so that people can work undisturbed. How do we do that? For example, by dividing every work environment in an office building according to activity. This allows people to find a space that suits their tasks. For example, you prevent employees who have to write from being disturbed by calling or meeting colleagues. Or that the people who do have to call start yelling at each other.

Better office acoustics with these resources

We can provide a noisy office with meeting rooms, partitions and quiet areas. We dress these types of elements with acoustic materials to absorb sound. An extra tip that we would like to give you: bundle noise sources. For example, put printers and scanners together in a separate room. Place the kettle and coffee machines together in the kitchen or elsewhere. Preferably place all those sound-producing devices in a central place where there is already sound anyway. That way no one is bothered by it.

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